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We are excited that you are registering for the 2018 C3 Conference!

C3 Conference is a gathering of thousands of leaders and influencers from all walks of life and all around the world. We are passionate about bringing a new level of excellence to our churches and hope to our communities.

Bring your TEAM in 2018!

Register the first 20 guests at the current conference price and each additional person after 20 is only $20 each! Group discounts will be automatically applied during registration. Group registrations will require that you start with a Group Leader registration.

- Need to add to your team's existing group registration?

Please contact our team at c3team@c3conference.com.

- Part of C3 Global?

You get even better pricing. Click here for more information.

- Did you receive a discount code?

Discount codes for attendees will be entered at checkout.

If you have additional questions, please contact our team at c3team@c3conference.com or call 1-800-230-8860.

During the registration process, please select the appropriate attendee type listed below for each registered guest.

  • $119 Individual Attendee - $119
  • $119Group Leader - $119
  • $119Group Attendee - $119 (requires a Group Leader Registration)
  • $75C3 Global Member
    $100 after November 17th
  • $75Senior Pastor's Wife
  • $0Senior Pastor's Kid (must be 18yrs or younger)

Group Discounts

  • $99 off for each Group Leader - $119 and Group Attendee - $119 (requires a Group Leader Registration) after the 20th
  • $60 off for each C3 Global Member after the 13th

Optional Add-Ons

  • Add C3 Live Access to your registration: $50

Event Details

  • Feb 14
    8:00 am
    Feb 15
    9:00 pm
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